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Hand Spa

1x Nail Oil, 15ml + 1x Nail Serum, 15ml + 1x Hydrating Hand Treatment, 50ml

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About the product:

Your complete and effective manicure for home use. Exclusive moisture care for the skin. Intensive protection and immediate shine effect for your nails.

gitti Nail Oil

For nail care with an immediate effect. Vitamin E and six rich oils nourish and strengthen your nails. In addition, they ensure a smooth cuticle, prevent cracks and give a beautiful shine.

gitti Nail Serum 

Probiotic nail serum. strengthens the natural microflora of your nails. Fermented probiotics and AHA protect the nails and cuticles and provide them with optimal moisture.

gitti Hydrating Hand Treatment -  vegan hand care

Limited edition. An exclusive, super light and moisturizing hand care - for soft skin. Take your time to give your skin exactly what it needs. Invigorating, fruity-tart scent composition of orange, lavender and cedar wood.