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  • Plant-based nail colors

  • Water-based nail colors

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  • The 100% natural nail polish remover

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    • Plant-based nail colors

    • What are the ingredients?

      Our new plant-based formulas are based on up to 82% natural ingredients and are produced according to iso norm 16128 for organic/natural cosmetics. They provide highly pigmented colors, are vegan and eco-friendly, extra shiny, and easy to remove. For color power and gloss in the plant-based formula, we use pigments such as ci 19140. This yellow dye (tartrazine) is approved for use in medicines, food, and cosmetics. Our plant-based formula contains a very low concentration of tartrazine, but if you prefer not to use it, we recommend using our water-based formula.

    • What exactly does "plant-based" mean?

      Our latest formula is based on up to 82% natural ingredients. These ingredients are produced under the iso norm 16128 for organic/natural cosmetics and come from plants, such as manioc, sugar cane, corn, and wheat. The plant-based formulation is ideal for those who like to change their nail polish color frequently, are on the move, and are in contact with water for long periods.

    • Can I use the plant-based nail colors without the top&base coat?

      For optimal durability, we always recommend applying one of our top & base coats. If you're in a bit of a rush, you can always use the colors without one, but unfortunately, they won't last as long.

    • Can I use the plant-based tbc also for the water-based nail colors ?

      Yes, you can mix our two formulas. However, for the best results, we recommend using products with the same formulation.

    • Do the new plant-based colors ones last longer than the water-based ones?

      This varies from person to person. The formulas durability depends on the condition of your nails, the way you apply the product, and your activities. Customers say the water-based formula will last for several days without any problems and our plant-based formula has an average of 5+ days. (This is when applied with our top & base coat.)

    • Which ingredient causes the odour?

      Our new long-lasting formula contains two solvents which are responsible for the odour of the product. We need these two ingredients in order to combine the water-based and oil-based ingredients of the formula. Without these, you would see several different layers in the nail polish bottle, instead of a smooth liquid. However, unlike conventional nail polishes, our solvents consist of mostly natural ingredients; such as sugarcane, cassava, wheat and corn.

    • Water-based nail colors

    • How do I apply gitti properly?

      There are a few new manicure guidelines for your water-based nail color.

      Step 1: Apply your color as thinly as possible. One layer is already sufficient for gitti nail colors. However, if you want the colors to be more opaque, apply a second, thin layer. Let the color layer dry well. Thanks to the thin layers, drying is faster than you are used to with classic nail polish.

      Step 2: Top Coat
      Seal the dried color layer with a thin layer of top coat to ensure that your nail color lasts longer.

      Step 3: No water.
      Avoid contact with hot water for 2 hours after your water-based gitti manicure. Hand washing is okay, preferably with cold water.

    • What is the best way to store my gitticolors ?

      It's best to store your gitti nail colors in an open place that is dry and protected from direct sunlight. We wouldn't recommend placing your water-based formula in the fridge and we recommend you never leave your nail polish open for prolonged periods or diluting them with other liquids. Both our formulas should not be exposed to temperatures below 5°C or above 25°C.

    • How long does the gitti nail color on my nails last?

      How long gitti lasts on your nails is dependent on the condition of your nails, the manicure itself, and what you do each day. Our enclosed manicure instructions should help you apply gitti in the best possible way. From our experience, gitti colors longer when applied on smooth nails. Therefore, we recommend polishing and filing your nails before your manicure. It's important to know that the water-based formula isn't as resistant as conventional nail polish. If you are looking for a nail polish which lasts longer and also take special care about ingredients, we are happy to recommend you our new plant-based formula, based on 7% natural ingredients and long-lasting.

    • How is gitti compatible with my hand care?

      We recommend you avoid using greasy creams or other products shortly before and after your manicure. It's best to wash your hands to remove any oily textures from your fingers. Also, nail polish can react with sun creams - this applies not only to gitti but also to classic polish.

    • Do I need the gitti top coat?

      gitti is an innovation within the nail polish industry, and innovations sometimes require some new manicure rules. Using the topcoat is always important when using our water-based formula. A thin layer of the gitti topcoat ensures a longer hold and additionally provides optimal color shine.

    • How long does it nail color last?

      Your gitti nail products have a minimum shelf life of 12 months. You can easily recognize this by the little label at the bottom of the bottle. The number in the small box indicates the shelf life of cosmetic products.

    • Can nails be discoloured by water-based nail polish?

      Unfortunately, there is some discoloration that can occur with our water-based formula. If your nails do happen to discolor, this is because the coloring substances from the formula become embedded in your nail plate. Nevertheless, this is not classified as a health hazard. If the discoloration still bothers you, then we recommend always apply a thin layer of base coat.

    • Are the gitti nail colors permeable to water?

      Unfortunately, our colors are not currently water permeable.

    • Nail care

    • What is special about gitti nail oil?

      For rich care and glow-on-the-go. Our gitti nail oil is an intensive care product containing rich oils and vitamin E. The oil has an uplifting property and flow with an immediate effect. It moisturizes dry and rough nails, provides regeneration and suppleness.

    • How do I apply the serum?

      The serum is a constructive intensive treatment, which you apply directly to the unpainted nail and then gently massage in. It is best to let it work overnight. Depending on the condition of your nails, apply once a day or whenever you nail colors change yours and want to apply a small care unit. For particularly thin and brittle nails, a nail building treatment is recommended. Apply the serum twice a day for at least 2 weeks.

    • How can i integrate the duo into my beauty routine?

      Serum: You can integrate the serum into your daily beauty routine just before bedtime: apply the serum and let it work overnight. Use it directly on your unpainted nails. Oil: You can use the oil whenever you want. It can also be integrated as the last manicure step for a glowy finish: Put a drop on your nails and massage it gently into the nail and skin. The oil can be used on both painted and unpainted nails. Just take it in your pocket and use it whenever you want.

    • How do I apply the oil?

      Using the pipette, apply a small drop of oil to each unpainted nail - on the nail moon at the edge of the cuticle - massaging it gently. Use the nail oil best after washing your hands, when the cuticle is still slightly moist, so it can be absorbed even better. Wash your hands before you apply onenail color . You can also use the nail oil as a finish to your manicure, especially to care for the cuticles and give your nails an extra flow. It is best to do this once a day. More often if the nails are very stressed or the cuticles are very dry. Or for glow-on-the-go whenever you like.

    • The 100% natural nail polish remover

    • How do I remove the gitti nail colors?

      To remove your nail colors you can use our 100% natural nail polish remover or classic acetone-free remover. It's very important to let the cotton wool pad soaked with remover soak on the nail, a little longer than usual, so that the formulas can work together.

    • Does the gitti remover also work with classic nail polish?

      Yes, you can use our nail polish remover not only for all our gitti products but also for classic nail polish.

    • Which nourishing oils does the remover contain?

      The 100% natural gitti nail polish remover contains jojoba oil, argan oil and lavender oil.

    • How long does the nail polish remover last?

      Your gitti nail polish remover has a shelf life of six months after opening. You can easily recognize this by the small label on the bottom of the bottle. The number in the small jar indicates the shelf life of cosmetic products.

    • Ingredients & formulas

    • Is gitti suitable for pregnant women and children?

      In principle, all of our products are checked and evaluated to determine whether they are safe for our customers when used in a normal and foreseeable way. The question of a possible pregnancy does not usually play a role in the case of cosmetic products that were not explicitly developed for use during pregnancy. In this respect, unfortunately, we cannot give any specific recommendations for use during pregnancy against this background. What we can tell you is that at gitti we do without up to 16 ingredients that can still be used in conventional nail polishes. The best thing to do is to discuss the topic with your doctor. We'd love to hear from you what feedback you've received.

    • Is gitti suitable for people with allergies?

      gitti doesn't use a large number of ingredients that could still be found in traditional polishes. In principle, any ingredient - both synthetic and natural - can cause intolerance or allergies. Our formulations reduce possible intolerance, but we ask you to check this with your doctor / physician before using gitti.

    • Does gitti contain microplastics?

      We use so-called film formers so that gitti sticks well on your nails and is not immediately washable again. Although from a chemical point of view these are plastics, our film formers do not fall under the definition of microplastics according to the definition of the Federal Environment Agency. However, our goal in the future is to offer a formula that completely dispenses with plastics.

    • Sind hormonaktive/toxische/verdächtige Substanzen in der Formel enthalten?

      Alle in gitti eingesetzten Inhaltsstoffe erfüllen alle Vorgaben der europäischen Kosmetikverordnung und sind in ihrer Konzentration sicher. Diese Konformität wird durch umfangreiche Gesetzgebungen und Sicherheitsbewertungen von Experten, mit denen wir eng zusammen arbeiten, gewährleistet. Wir verfolgen zudem alle wissenschaftlichen Diskussionen zum Thema sehr aufmerksam, da die Sicherheit unserer Kunden*innen für uns oberste Priorität hat.

    • Does gitti discolor my nails?

      Unfortunately, discoloration of the nails can also occur with water-based colors. If your nails become discolored, it is because the coloring matter builds up in the nail plate. However, this is not to be classified as hazardous to health. If the discoloration still bothers you, always apply a layer of top & base coat, this is particularly important for color-intensive tones such as our red tones.

    • What is nitrocellulose and is it harmful?

      Nitrocellulose is one of the main ingredients in conventional hail paints. As a film former, this substance ensures the typical texture of the varnish and is responsible for keeping the nail color on your nail. However, nitrocellulose is suspected of causing nitrosamines in the body that are harmful to health. That is why we completely dispense with nitrocellulose in our water-based formula. In our plant-based formula, this is largely of natural origin (cotton).

    • What does ISO 16128 mean?

      The ISO standard 16128 increases the transparency - especially for the manufacturers of natural cosmetic products, because to this day there is no legal definition of the meaning of the words "natural" or "organic" for natural cosmetic products. With this standard, the degree of natural or biological origin can be determined numerically, making it easy to compare individual raw materials and finished products.

    • Is gitti "x-free" / what ingredients does gitti contain?

      Our clear goal for our nail colors: 100% natural formulas. That's why we replace a large number of substances that are contained in traditional polishes. To express how many substances are being replaced, so-called "x-free" claims are used increasingly. In all transparency: There is no uniform, official evaluation scheme for nail polishes today. Each manufacturer can call up its own list or definition. We distance ourselves from misleading uses of the 'x-free' term, like the independent extension of the x-free list by ingredients that are banned in the EU anyway.

    • Where are your products produced?

      Our products are produced in an environmentally friendly way in our certified partner laboratory in France.

    • Orders

    • Can I buy gitti at DM, Rossmann, Amazon or Budni?

      Unfortunately, you cannot get gitti in the drugstore. You can find some selected nail colors in stores at our partners: Berlin: KaDeWe, The Store X (Soho House Berlin), IVY & OAK (Berlin Mitte) Hamburg: Alsterhaus Munich: Oberpollinger Paris: Le Bon Marché Please also have a look at our overview for the addresses at. You can test the gitti nail colors on site.

    • What payment options do I have?

      The following payment options are currently available to you. We are continuously working to keep them up to date so that you can make payments conveniently. - PayPal - Invoice with Klarna - Immediate payment / instant transfer with Klarna - Amazon Pay - eps transfer - iDEAL - Bancontact - Google Pay - Shop Pay

    • I have a promo code, where can I enter it?

      You can enter your voucher code at the checkout. To do this, go to your shopping cart in the first step. This shows you your product selection. In the next step you get to the cash register. Here you can see the summary of your order and a field for "gift card or discount code". Insert your code here and confirm with "apply". The total of your shopping cart will be updated automatically.

    • Can I combine several promo codes with each other?

      Unfortunately, discount codes cannot be combined with one another. You can use one code for every order.

    • What's the status of my order?

      We process incoming orders within 48 hours on working days. Immediately afterwards we send them off. Standard shipping within Germany takes 3-5 business days, for all other EU countries shipping takes up to 7 business days. If you have any questions about your order please reach out to us.

    • How can I change my order?

      The easiest way is if you give us a call. As long as your order is not yet ready for shipping, we can sometimes still make changes to it. Here you can find our contact options.

    • How can I cancel my order?

      The easiest way is if you give us a call. As long as your order is not yet ready for dispatch, we can usually simply cancel it and refund your money. Here you can find our contact options.

    • Do you offer international shipping?

      Yes! We deliver our gitti colors to Germany, Switzerland and almost the entire EU: Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, the Czech Republic and Hungary. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Here

    • Shipping

    • How much does shipping cost?

      For shipping within Germany, we charge a rate of € 3.90 for each order up to a cart value of € 50. From a cart value of 50 €, shipping is free.
      For shipping within Europe we charge a rate of 4,90 € for each order up to a cart value of 50,00 €. From a cart value of 50,00 € the shipping is free of charge.
      For shipping to Switzerland we charge a rate of 9,90 € for each order up to a cart value of 100,00 €. From a cart value of 100,00 € the shipping is free of charge.
      Please note: the shipping costs are calculated on your shopping cart value. Digital vouchers do not count towards the required minimum cart value as they are generally free of shipping charges. The calculation is made after all discounts have been deducted.

    • How long are your delivery times?

    • When and how will my order arrive at my home?

      Since gitti bottles are flat, they fit into normal mailboxes. We send all our shipments with the German Post and this includes a tracking number. Normally delivery is relatively fast, uncomplicated and above all does not require direct contact with a parcel delivery person. You will find the link to your tracking number in your shipping confirmation. Note to corona: due to current events, there are unfortunately delays in the postal service and delivery times may be delayed. Please be aware that you may have to wait a little longer than usual for your shipment after receiving your shipping confirmation.

    • Which shipping service provider do you work with?

      We ship all our orders climate-neutrally with the service GoGreen of the Deutsche Post. The Deutsche Post usually delivers from Monday to Saturday. If you need more information about your shipment you can visit the Deutsche Post website at any time and make changes there too (e.g. shipment announcement, desired location, desired neighbor, or Saturday delivery).

    • I have entered the wrong shipping address, what now?

      Please contact our customer support as soon as possible via chat or phone +49 (0)30 217 82 82 8.
      We will do our best to record the change, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this if the order is already in process.

    • My package did not arrive/arrived damaged.

      Oh dear, we are sorry that something went wrong when shipping your order. Please get in touch with us. Here you can find our contact options. Please have your order number ready so we can help you as soon as possible. We will find a solution in any case!

    • Can I have my order delivered to a Packstation?

      Yes, this should not be a problem for Deutsche Post. Please make sure that you specify the correct packing station and postal number with your order.

    • What should I do if a product is missing from my order?

      Oh dear, we are sorry, that really should not happen. Please reach out to us and have your order number ready so that we can help you as soon as possible. We will find a solution in any case! Here you can find our contact options. Please have your order number ready so we can help you as soon as possible. We will find a solution in any case!

    • Return & exchange

    • How is your return right?

      You can return your unopened products to our address within 14 days, but you must pay the shipping costs yourself.

    • Can I exchange my order?

      Of course, you can exchange or return your products within 14 days of receipt as long as they have not been opened. The easiest way is to call us. Please have your order number ready so that we can help you as soon as possible. Here you can find our contact options.

    • How do I get my refund?

      You will always receive your refund via the same payment method you used to place your order.

    • What should I do if I have received the wrong product?

      Oh dear, we are sorry that something went wrong when shipping your order. Please get in touch with us. Here you can find our contact page. Please have your order number ready so we can help you as soon as possible. We will find a solution in any case!

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