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vegan nail care

The foundation of beautiful nails is regular care. This is how your gitti nail polish can come into its own, last long and shine.

Hydrating Hand Treatment

Vegan hand care

 24,99 €

Nail Polish Remover

100% natural

 29,90 €

Nail Serum

Probiotic nail serum

 23,90 €

Nail Oil

Nail & cuticle oil

 23,90 €

Nailcare Duo

Your nail care set

47,80 € 42,50 €
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Hand Spa

Vegan hand and nail care

72,79 € 64,50 €
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Vergiss nicht unseren top coat! Dieser garantiert die Haltbarkeit der wasserbasierten Nagelfarben.
Water-based Top coat
Water-based Top coat

Water-based formula

19,90 €

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